Friday, Jun. 27, 2003 || List, who needs a freakin' list?

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It's Friday. Already.

To say that I've missed Rob and the kids would be true, but there is also this part of me that wishes I had another day to finish up the many chores I have been trying to complete.

Part of my problem is that I will start on an item on my list and then see another that needs doing and I mindlessly move to that. This lengthens the list, of course.

But hey, my bushes are trimmed in the backyard, okay?

As if anyone sees the backyard besides us is severely beside the point, not to mention the fact that the front garden, severely in need of weeding, continues to grow to jungle-like proportions. Nevermind that hundreds of people motor past the house each and every day, as opposed to the five that view the backyard on a daily basis (8 if you count our neighbors and their annoying dog). One would think that I would work on that lovely peice of real estate first, right?

Remember, I am the one with 20 boxes of cereal in the basement, arranged by sell-date, who, had I stepped foot in Schnuck's grocery store yesterday would have bought two more boxes, because, yes, it is on sale and yes, I have a freakin' coupon, thank-you-very-much!

Breathe, Nicole, breathe.

Okay, moving on...

Rob made Nathan a CD a few days before they left for camp. He left it in the CD player in the family room. I have learned two things since then.

Number one, Parker knows how to operate the stereo. Number two, the kid can listen to the theme from Top Gun and the song "We Will Rock You" ad infinitum.

Can you guess what era his parents grew up in?

In other news, since Rob left, the toilet in the main bathroom broke (minor thing, but I can't fix it), the basement flooded Wednesday night (picture a skinny blonde woman lugging 8 gallons of water at a pop up the stairs, dumping it out back, running as fast as she can back to the laundry room, shop-vaccing another 8 gallons up, which only took about 30 seconds, and repeat. About 6 times. Really, I lost count after the first couple.), and finding gobs of garbage disposal fodder under the cabinet yesterday (yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have leakage).

Nicole + plumbing = disaster.

Did I mention I can feel muscles I never knew I had? And not because they feel all firm and lovely. Oh, no, they are sore, sore, sore.

Did I tell you how stinkin' sore I am?

I did?

Anyway, it hasn't been all bad. The toilet and disposal/sink thing shouldn't be too hard to take care of. The flooding was due to a torrential rainstorm, and I managed to bail fast enough that only the edge of the carpet in three places was wet. Nothing the shop vac and some fans couldn't fix.

And thank you, God, for the creation of plastic bins!

Won't Rob be thrilled to come home to "Ouch, ouch, ouch!"

Yeah, I should be a bundle of cuddling fun.

You can look, but don't touch, m'kay?

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