Tuesday, Jun. 24, 2003 || "He took off his hat..."

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It's just my Parker and me for a few days. Rob and K and N are off to youth camp.

Rob wasn't supposed to go, but the guys' counselor changed jobs and is in training. He told me today he is playing the guitar for the services, and the girls' counselor from our church is singing. K will join them tonight. Sounds like it is going well, though it is 92 degrees on top o' that mountain they are on!

I took Parker to get his shots for kindergarten today. He had to get three; two in one arm, one in the other. He barely twitched. As we were leaving, he said, "That wasn't too bad."

It was a whole other story, however, when he got his finger caught in the van door last night. His hand is small enough that no damage was done, but I thought the wailing would never stop!

Today the two of us were sitting outside and he said to me, "Mom, did you know God had to take off His hat so that He could become a man?" I asked him if he meant something else, but he insisted it was His hat. I am thinking something was lost in the 5-year-old translation...

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