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My hubby of almost 16 years; no one can make me as happy, or crazy, as he can! He was in vocational ministry for four years - now he sets up in-building test points for the e911 system. Different, but interesting. He is tall and handsome, an awesome dad, and the one on this earth who knows me best (and can still make my heart do that fluttery, butterfly thing).

Our eldest. She is a lot like me, which causes us to clash fairly often. Definitely Daddy's little girl. Loves shopping, The Limited Too, sleepovers, and all around acting silly with her friends. Currently runs the 800 meter for her school track team. Sensitive, a good friend, a natural leader, and 12 bursting to be in teenhood.

Number two kiddo, our first son. Named thus because the meaning is "gift from God" and Rob prayed for a son...and lo, and behold I was pregnant...and Kaytlin was a mere 9 months old! Loves anything video or computer related and can recite the lines from various TV shows and movies at the drop of a hat. 11 years old, a bit on the shy side, learning to play violin, and still feigning dislike for all girls (for now!).

Always my "baby", 6 years old. Big blue eyes make it hard for mom to tell this one no! Loves Star Wars and various other Nicolodeon shows too numerous to count. Fiercly competitive, especially with Nathan. Started first grade this year, only to announce that "6 hours is just TOO long!" He also loves to perform and will do almost anything for a laugh. I think he will be an actor or pastor one day!

Younger sister and friend; ran off to TX with a Vikings fan; mom-o-five and has the up-and-down-sometimes-neurotic outlook to prove it. Awesome teacher, dedicated wife and mother, fiercely loyal, one of the biggest brightest smiles around, and a very creative, dedicated woman.

Youngest sis; took several years and some growing up on both of our parts to realize that we can be friends. Re-learning what it's like to be a newlywed, this time with five kids in the mix. Don't let her anywhere near a pet store.

My cousin who has always been like a sister. Both of us have the joyful experience of having had at least one child in a Navy hospital! Mom of four gorgeous little brunettes - 2 girls and 2 boys. And she juggles it all with a hubby on some island in the Indian Ocean!

My best bud and longest running friendship. A gal I can relate to b/c we both have "issues" and are way too much alike - but we get along - go figure!! Another beautiful, phenomenal, strong woman. Mom to an adorable tow-head little boy.

Zorro and Bella
Our cats, extraordinaire!

That's all, at least for now!

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