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99 Lesser Known, and Hopefully Interesting Things about Moi!

1. I have lived in 5 different states...

2. the past 13 years.

3. I have had 10 different addresses since marrying.

4. I was in the Macyís Thanksgiving Day parade.

5. I have been to Canada...

6. ...and Mexico.

7. I like to eat raw cucumbers and potato chips...together.

8. And no, Iím not pregnant!

9. I have tasted frog legs...

10. ...and escargot (which I liked!).

11. My first job aspiration was to be a trapeze artist.

12. I had surgery when I was 5 months old...

13. remove strawberry birthmarks.

14. I have had laser surgery...

15. remove a kidney stone.

16. I breastfed all three of my children.

17. I was co-captain of my HS drill team (pom-pom squad).

18. I have attended 4 colleges...

19. ...but I donít yet have a degree.

20. I once thought Pepsi would be a neat name for my daughter.

21. I was young and naive then!

22. I am the worship/song leader at our church.

23. I own my own business.

24. I am learning to play the guitar.

25. My husband is teaching me.

26. I am afraid of heights.

27. But I have been to the top of the St. Louis Arch.

28. And the top of the John Hancock building in Chicago.

29. And I would like to sky dive!

30. I have always wanted to go to Paris, France.

31. I am impatient.

32. I wish I lived by the ocean (preferably the Atlantic).

33. I like to be in control.

34. I am learning that I am not.

35. I have been in 31 of the 50 states.

36. I think Sean Connery is a hottie!

37. Not to mention Mel Gibson.

38. I collect Hallmark Mitford winter town pieces.

39. I love scented candles.

40. But please no vanilla ones, thank you.

41. I have had a hermit crab for a pet.

42. My hubby gave me a parakeet for our first anniversary.

43. I named it ďAnnieĒ (get it...annie-versary).

44. I broke my front tooth in the 5th grade.

45. I have had so much work done on it, that now both front teeth are broke.

46. They are both covered with bonding.

47. I can wiggle my ears.

48. I can pinch with my toes.

49. I fell in love when I was 17.

50. I married when I was 18.

51. I lived in Charleston, SC when Hurricane Hugo blew into town.

52. I love MD style crab cakes.

53. I am really a MD girl at heart.

54. I was 14 when I received my first kiss.

55. I dissected a grasshopper in junior high.

56. I donít mind washing clothes.

57. But I hate folding them and putting them away!

58. I own a palm pilot.

59. I have been 5í8Ē tall since the 8th grade.

60. The first concert I went to was The Monkees.

61. The last concert I have been to was Point of Grace.

62. I have been on a US Navy submarine.

63. I have been on one when it submerged and surfaced (and I rode in the sail too).

64. I steered the submarine (changed course).

65. I witnessed the birth of my first nephew.

66. I have seen both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

67. I have been to the Caribbean.

68. I prefer sunsets to sunrises.

69. Our daughter has my first name for her middle name.

70. I love dark chocolate.

71. I have ridden a SeaDoo (it was great!).

72. I was born on a Tuesday.

73. I have read through the Bible at least 3 times.

74. I am hurt easily (emotionally).

75. It is hard for me to forgive someone who has betrayed me.

76. My mother taught me how to play the martyr.

77. I am a loyal friend.

78. I am still in contact with my first preschool friend.

79. I can sing, and enjoy doing so.

80. I love to look at weather radar when bad weather is brewing.

81. Using a q-tip to get water out of my ear makes me cough.

82. Iíve been skinny-dipping.

83. But only with my hubby!

84. Iíve never broken a bone.

85. Iíve played laser tag (and liked it).

86. Iíve shot skeet (and liked that too).

87. I have reading glasses...

88. ...but I never wear them.

89. I have voted in every presidential election since I was old enough to vote.

90. I like to paint my toenails odd colors (they are dark blue right now).

91. I am the oldest daughter and oldest granddaughter (on both sides of my family).

92. I am the tallest of any of my immediate female relatives.

93. I didnít get my driverís license until I was married.

94. And Iíve had 4 different state driverís licenses (CA, MD, VA, and MO).

95. I am a middle-of-the-tube toothpaste squeezer.

96. And because of that we now use Mentadent (it has saved our marriage).

97. The first song I ever sang was Country Road.

98. I sleep with my pastor.

99. And I enjoy it (hey Ė itís guilt-free, weíre married!).

Wow - that took a lot longer than I thought - I have been working on that list for 4 days!!

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