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Many of you know the background of our educational struggles the past two years concerning the kiddos. Not so much the kids not doing well (though we've had those moments too), but the tough decisions we've had to make since moving to this state almost two years ago. I won't take the time to recount all of that.

Anyway, the upper school (middle and high school) had their award ceremony a few days ago; I wasn't able to attend because I was still teaching K-5. The Daughter received an honor roll certificate, Outstanding Literature Student certificate, and Most Improved Algebra 2 Student. The Middle Child also received an honor roll cert and and Outstanding Science Student award. I am really proud of them both for their academic achievement and improvement, especially after the trial, I mean journey that was homeschooling last year.

Today was the elementary awards ceremony. The Youngest had a great year. He is the most competitive academically, and his grades have shown it, but his teacher often relayed to us how impressed she was with his consideration and care for his classmates. When he received "student of the month" back in October it was for Christian character. She said, "I have learned how to treat others from this student". I remember Rob and I just looking at each other, proud of course, but humbled too. I mean, as parents we try daily to impart morals, concern for others, and the love of God into our kids, but for other adults - and someone who spends almost as much time with him as we do - to see it...well, all I can say is wow.

And it's not really us. It is God in him, which is really amazing. So...

Back to today.

I knew he would get an honor roll certificate. And I have to admit, I was hopeful he'd get one of the main awards: Highest GPA, Outstanding Overall Student, Most Improved, and Christian Character (boy and girl). I didn't really think he'd be eligible for the first or third one, but based on all the nice comments from his teacher through the year, I thought he might be in the running for the CC or Overall award.

And the one I secretly hoped for the most was the CC one. There's just something about this kid. I mean, I know he's not perfect. Believe me, he has his moments - and lately they've included whining and cajoling to get his way. And he is a "sore loser" just like his dad, LOL. But, there's just always been something about him. A light that just shines from him. I can't think of a single kid - or adult - who hasn't met and loved him. He's just that kind of kid. And I'm not just saying that because he's mine.

His teacher prefaced the announcement with "This student is always kind to others and always does the right thing. Always." Then she announced his name for...

Christian Character!

And since I am a big emotional blubber-bucket, it took all that was in me to keep from crying as I watched him go to the stage and accept that award.

My little noodle is growing into quite the remarkable young man.

And the coolest part is that others are seeing what his daddy and me always have.

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