Monday, May. 07, 2007 || Moving on? Yes and no.

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I too have slowly but surely been making an exit from d-land. It hasn't been intentional. I tried out a new site, and found that I really like the format and that I was posting there a whole lot more than here.

I don't plan to close this entirely, but I probably won't be here much at all anymore. Makes me kind of sad, because I've met so many great folks here - even some IRL! It has been an awesome experience.

You can check out the new digs at Vox. In order to comment, I think you have to be a member. And there are various privacy levels, so in order to have access to more personal entries, you'd have to join and become a part of my neighborhood. Just so you know.

I will continue to check up on my buddy list here so I can stay in touch with those who still post here.

Take care, my friends.

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