Saturday, Jan. 26, 2002 || Disclaimer

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Why do I keep an on-line journal?

I started keeping this journal as a way to keep in touch with my sisters. Over time, it has evolved into a therapy of sorts.

While it is often a place to record what is happening in my life, with a focus on the humorous, there will be times when I share deeper thoughts and reflections. These may not always be "easy reading". Perhaps they will challenge you, or even anger you. It is in the times of anger that I ask you to remember that I sometimes use this space as a sort-out-my-feelings place.

Consider that before you leave a harsh entry in my guestbook, if you please. However, I will not censor you in my guestbook (unless you are overtly profane or pornographic). So, I ask that you do not try to censor me. I will not personally attack another d-lander in my entries or guestbook. If you feel I have done this, please e-mail me privately so that I can resolve the situation.

If you attend my church and you have stumbled upon this place, please do not stay. This is a safe place for me, and it puts un-due pressure on me if I find out you read this. If you still choose to come here, please do not ever speak to me about it.

Above all, enjoy! I am glad you are here (with the above noted exceptions), and I consider it an honor that you read this journal and especially if you add me to your favorites (hint, hint).

Hugs to you, my friends. You know who you are.

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