Wednesday, Jul. 02, 2003 || Barbeque anyone?

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Note to self:

8 minutes + tanning bed + thong underwear = barbequed butt

So, I tried tanning yesterday.

In retrospect, it seemed a good idea. I have been working on getting some golden brown color the au natural way for a week or two now. I just didn’t have time to sit outside for an hour yesterday, so $2.50 and a mere 8 minutes seemed like a full-proof plan.

I called Rob from the van to tell him my plan. “What are you going to wear? You didn’t take your bathing suit with you, did you?”

Silly man, doesn’t he know most folks climb into one of those things in the buff?

“I will probably just wear my underwear.”

I don’t know, but no matter how well they say they clean those beds, I just can’t get into one without some, albeit small, barrier between those lights and certain *ahem* areas.

I even asked the perky young attendant how long I should bake for. “I haven’t been tanning before.”

“Oh, probably 8 minutes then.”

So, whereas the rest of me is a lovely shade of tannish-beige, I have a perpetual blush reigning down under.

Oh, yeah, only I could manage to barbeque my butt in a mere 8 minutes.

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