Thursday, Sept. 04, 2003 || Needing the want-to

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You know who I think are the most dangerous people out there?

The one who can walk through life with a pleasant Mona Lisa-esque smile, but underneath the calm, even pleasant, exterior is a bubbling volcano of bitterness and pride.

And when they can no longer hide it well, they run, with no thought for those who will be hurt by their departure.

I know all to well that their boiling cauldron of discontent is the result of years of unresolved hurt, fear, and anger. Yet they have become so entrenched in this pattern of behavior, they can not – perhaps even will not – allow anyone in to love them, care for them, and God forbid, help them.

I know someone like that (and no, it is not any one of you who I know read my thoughts here, I promise!). My frustration with them has given way to utter sadness.

Oh, God, I know You can reach this one, but they have to want to be reached, don’t they?

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