Saturday, Jan. 10, 2004 || Waiting Game

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I wasn't able to get online yesterday to write about this. Not that I even wanted to. I actually just wanted to curl up and go to sleep and wake up sometime in April.

So, we are in VA but we do not have a house.

Yes, you read that right. No house. No loan.

Yet. The loan is actually on hold. Problems with employment verification. We found out 2 hours before closing that it was not going to go through unless we came up with more income or off-loaded about 17K in debt.

I was devestated. We have utilities turned on, gallons of paint waiting, kids enrolled in school and starting on Monday!

As we drove back to where we were staying, Rob got a phone call, a job offer he probably never would have considered. He went to an interview last night; it went really well. The interviewer wants him on the job; we are now awaiting official word and a contract (it is a temp position, but the interviewer was very firm that it could move into a more permanent position quickly and easily). We should have a final answer tomorrow or Monday.

At that point, we can send that as employment verification and we should be able to close on the house. Our other options are paying off the 17K in debt or I find a job quickly.

Like say, Monday.

It has been a really emotional time. I realized today that praying all week that He increase my faith must be much like praying for patience. God always answers our prayers, He just doesn't always do it the way we want or expect!

As for this current job opportunity, the start pay is low, but it has a lot of overtime and mileage paid. If he can work this one job for 50-60 hours a week plus miles, rather than 2 at 80 hours a week, that would be much easier on our family and the pay would actually be comparable.

Once the initial shock wore off and the dust seemed to settle a bit, I realized something interesting.

Had this not happened with the loan, Rob would not have even considered this job oportunity based on the info the recruiter gave. When he got to the interview, the interviewer was very upbeat and really stressed how much he liked Rob's resume and that he could quickly advance with the company. As we were leaving (the guy had seen that I was going to wait in the car and had told me to come in to wait), he said to Rob, "I see Jesus in you."

Interesting, eh?

So, now, here we sit at a hotel on the loan company's dime (for their horrible timing and lack of communication), watching the Rams lose (so far), our life a bit on hold. Who am I kidding, it is a lot on hold, but it is out of our hands at this point.

All we can do is wait. And pray.

I am praying the prayer that never fails. A lot is at stake, but I am learning that I have to, have to, have to trust that He is still on the throne and what He has called us to do, He will complete in us and for us.

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