Monday, Jan. 12, 2004 || He parts the waters when we step in

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(Note to my Mitford friends: this is almost the same thing I posted to our bb *grin*)

This morning as I was praying, I realized that while I thought the best answer would be for Rob to get the job he interviewed for on Friday so we would have the income qualifications for the home loan, His will could very well be for us to utilize our reserve fund to pay off debt in order to qualify for the loan. This scared the fire out of me, but as I prayed and read His Word, He gently reminded me that it is all His anyway and no matter how I try to hold on to it, it really isn't mine to hold onto.

Okay! Okay!

I confessed my unbelief, lack of trust, and self-sufficiency and told Him I wouldn't hold back that part of me anymore.

I went into the start of the day feeling a sense of peace that I hadn't experienced until then. We took the kids to their new schools, based on the address of that house. A small step of faith, perhaps, but a step nonetheless, right?

A few hours later, Rob spoke to the interviewer. He told Rob he had called in his request on Saturday for the recruiter to offer Rob a contract (but the office was closed). A bit after noon, we got the call from the recruiter that he would be next-day-ing the contract to Rob. (He will start next Monday.) Rob asked if he would verify employment with the underwriter, and he said he would.

Waiting game number two commenced. After several calls to the loan officer and underwriter (ACK to voicemail!!), the underwriter called to ask Rob a few questions. He told Rob he had a few things to go over and would then call us back.

By this time, I have to admit, I was beginning to feel a bit nervous. Like this guy had our very lives in his hands. How quickly one can was as if I could hear the Father saying, "Silly girl, haven't you learned anything?"

The call came about 20 minutes later. I could hear the underwriter say to Rob (his cell phone has some major volume), "Congratulations, you have your loan."

We close tomorrow at 10 AM. Since Rob doesn't start the new job until next Monday, we will be able to paint and work on the place together. Yeah, it will be tough to go another week without a paycheck, but I am so learning that this is not in my hands or for me to worry about.

As a bonus to the day, the kids liked their new school and had a good day today. Nathan will be tested for the gifted program this year. It will be good to know if his boredom is just boredom or not being pushed enough.

I will likely be offline for a few days after tomorrow morning, but will try to catch up later this week.

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