Wednesday, Jan. 07, 2004 || Going "home"

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We are heading to VA tomorrow. We don't close on the house till Friday afternoon, but Rob is anxious to get back so we can get paint and all that stuffage and finish registering the kids for school.

Oh, did I mention that he drove back up here last night? I guess he just missed me, heh.

So, the plan is to drive home (well, almost home!) tomorrow and get stuff at the Dep0t and L0we's, the SuperCent3r, stuff such as that. I think I have narrowed down my paint colors for the master bedroom, livingroom, diningroom, and kitchen. We are going with neutrals for the office and kids' rooms...well, that is unless Kay finds a bedding set she likes and we go ahead and get her room painted and set up with a new theme as an early birthday gift. I was going to just leave the boys' room neutral until we decided if we would convert the storage building/old garage into an office within the next few months, thereby giving them each their own room making three small rooms into 2 bigger rooms. But, since we have to paint anyway, why not just go for the gusto and get some colors up there?

Anyhow, we shall see how the kids' rooms end up. The for-now office may just be whatever is left over! And for the family room, I need a light color to put on the upper portion of the paneling, above a chair rail I plan to tack on. I am going for a mountain lodge feel.

I still have to find a taupe-y color match for the master bath (I think I am actually going to pick out accessories first that complement the bedding set I have) and decide how to paint the main bath. I did pick a cute tropical fish theme for one carpet and the shower curtain. I wanted to incorporate navy with the pink tub and this has both colors! I already have navy accessories, so now I will just have to get a new toilet lid or cover in navy and some type of shelf for some sea-themed stuff that I already have.

I think things will come together rather nicely. We found a taupe-y "oops" can at the Dep0t tonight that I plan to use over white with a sponge or puffy brush to achieve a parchment look in the livingroom and possibly 1 or 2 walls in the dining room. It goes with the burgundy I am going to use for one wall in the livingroom as well as the red I want to put in the kitchen to match our C0ke stuff.

Okay, enough home improvement talk!

We will stay with a friend tomorrow night, then finish up school registrations on Friday, meet a friend at the church who is going to take our kiddos for the night, go to closing, paint our brains out, and then stay in a hotel near the house, just the two of us (and the cats), that the church is taking care of for us. Hopefully on Saturday morning we will have several willing and able bods to help unload the trailer.

I say all that to say I have no idea when I will be back online. The cable modem goes in on Saturday, but who knows how long it will take to get the network all beauteous again.

Try not to miss me too much. And keep sending up those prayers for us (Rob should start work on Monday).

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If you have a chance, stop by my cousin's and give her a big cyber-hug; her hubby is off to the Indian Ocean for a year...

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