Sunday, Jul. 07, 2002 || Just the two of us

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There is nothing quite like a nap on a Sunday afternoon. Especially when it is about 3 hours long.

Sundays seem to be the only day I can really nap. Methinks this is more in my head than biological.

Whatever the case may be, hurray for Sunday naps!

It's just Parker and I here at the house till Friday afternoon. As soon as the van was loaded with campers, the "can we go swimming now?" questions began. Why is it that a 4-year-old can't seem to understand the word "tomorrow"?

By the time we got home he was too grumpy for words. I had also nixed the "can we swing?" questions because it is like 150 degrees out today. I guess 4-year-olds don't feel hot-as-an-oven heat either.

Rob called from his cell to let me know that he left the garage remote on his desk. Only for me to realize that I don't have my house key on my key ring. So, now I have a whiny 4-year-old, it is 150 degrees, and we are locked out of the house.


Our neighbor has a key, but she also has the dog from hell, and if she (the dog) is in the yard, she will tear me to bits, so I can not just go traipsing over to her house.

It can't just be easy, now can it?

Incorporating unexpected problem-solving skills (in times past, I may have just sat on the front step and cried at the sudden turn of events), I called Rob on my cell so that I could get our neighbor's phone number so I could call her rather than risk death by the dog out of the steaming pit.

In less than 30 minutes, we were in the house, Parker was napping (of course, this was only accomplished after more whining, wailing, and gnashing of teeth), and I was well on my way. The house was wonderfully quiet and I slept so hard I didn't even hear the phone ring.

Gotta love naps like that!

The questions have begun again, and I did promise my little guy I would take him back to the church to swing. I am stalling, however, as it is still a glorious 90 degrees (which in my humble, yet accurate opinion, feels like 130 or so).

Wish me the best!

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