Tuesday, Jul. 09, 2002 || Lazy, hazy summer days

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Not much to report in The Adventures of Mommy and Parker. Yesterday we went to the community pool and with a heat index of 105, it was quite refreshing. You could really only stay out of the water about 20 minutes before getting too hot (nothing quite like sweating even though your swimsuit is still wet!).

I met a friend there and we had such fun laughing and giggling like school girls, especially when the subject of boob-jobs came up. But I won't get into that here .

Today I have a client for the first time in about a month, and yippee, this is none too soon! I don't have to make much to pay my bills, but I do need to see 2-3 clients a month, and last month I came up a bit short. So, for the first time in a long time I am actually pumped about writing a resume.

I am supposed to go up to the camp tomorrow morning to see Rob and the kids. It is a 3.5 hour drive, but two others from the church want to go. I was originally going to drive up later today and spend the night, but that means doing so just Parker and I. Driving with friends sounds like more fun, even if it means 7 hours in one day. However, Rob ended our phone conversation last night with "I hope you guys come up tomorrow night..."

What's a girl to do? What would you do? He somehow managed to get a room all to himself in the nicest building, so there is a place for us to stay. I could probably caravan back with the others tomorrow evening. But I just don't know that I want to make that drive today. I will need to write the resume and cover letter before I go, so it would probably be after dark before I'd get there, and the road up to the camp is all gravel, sharp turns, and scenic drop offs (no guard rails either).

Needless to say, I am torn as to what to do!

Anyway, here is a fun site; check it out and tell me what your Ya Ya name is. I am Queen Pow Wow .

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PS - If some of the links and pictures within my diary and various entries do not show up, it is due to the location where they are served - it was flooded last night and 1/3 of the computers were drenched. So, major technical difficulties for now!

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Something I wrote in my journal and then submitted in an edited version was published here. Scroll down for the mini-article.

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