Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004 || Throttle

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Rant begins now.

I am angry.

And beyond that I am incredibly sad.

I wish folks would get the facts straight before drawing conclusions. I wish that folks wouldn't try to fix gaping wounds with mere bandaids. I wish folks would really do their homework rather than just taking someone's word for it, especially someone who hasn't had the best track record in the areas of loyalty or stick-to-itiveness.

I wish that folks would grow up. I wish that they would work on their personal self-esteem issues and not lay the blame of their insecurities at someone else's feet. I wish they would face others who have "offended" them like a man or woman and not call the "daddies" in their lives to bail them out or handle the confrontation.

Yeah, I guess I want a lot.

Will I ever learn how to handle false accusations with grace and aplumb?

Right now I'd just like to throttle someone.

End of rant.

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