Monday, Oct. 11, 2004 || It is Columbus Day, after all

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I've read it before.

I've heard it before.

A church is a family.

And yet it just hit me today. How can we expect people in a church to act like a real family, when a great majority of folks come from dysfunctional bio-families?

I mean, we say, "treat the other church members as family."

But let's face it, that can be a really scary thing if one grew up in a household right off the latest Jerry Springer show.

We have to define our terms. Teach folks what families are supposed to be. Plus, it's so much bigger than helping them relate properly in a church family and even within their own families.

It has to begin within the individual. Learning how much our heavenly Father really loves us. Accepting it. Basking in it.

Here's to discovery.

(It is Columbus Day, after all.)

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