Thursday, Oct. 07, 2004 || Gazelle

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The coach put Kaytlin in the final race, a 4 by 400. Third leg.

She'd never run a relay before.

Usually I don't stay passed the 800 (which she came in third in, again). But, this meet was at our school, so I was waiting through the whole thing, so I could take her home right after the finish.

We had two teams and so did the other school. By the end of the second lap, Kaytlin's team was in last place.

Kaytlin took off like a shot. She was about 100 meters behind the gals in second and third.

I knew Kaytlin could run, but I have never seen her run like that. She was like a gazelle, long legs flying, covering the distance in smooth, quick strides. I could hear her coach saying, "You got it! ...I don't even recognize her!"

By the 2nd curve she had passed them both. The entire team seemed to be screaming her name.

Kaytlin told me later that one of her teammates stopped her after the meet and said, "I'm not prejudiced, but I've never seen a white girl run like that!"

Her coach spoke with us afterwards. He praised Kaytlin's effort, and I could tell he was very, very pleased.

She definitely has a bend for distance. But it seems there's a bit of a sprinter in those long legs too.

(They finished in third by the way. And they won the meet. We are now 3-0. Go Raiders!)

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