Saturday, Nov. 05, 2005 || Can't be all that bad now, can it?

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On Sunday, Rob spoke at length with the admin and gave him our assessment of the situation. He said he'd talk to some folks, and he and Rob would speak on Wednesday night.

A church member who the admin was close to passed away on Tuesday. So, all we saw of the admin on Wednesday night was his back, his arm waving in the air letting us know he did not want to/could not talk to Rob.

Now, lest it sounds as if we are harsh or hard-hearted, I do understand that he was not in a state to discuss my employment status. Understood.

However, wouldn't a responsible manager have asked his assistant to contact any outstanding appointments to reschedule? And even if that was overlooked in the stress of it all, shuffling by and hoping the folks don't actually see you isn't the most professional. Nor when they DO see you, not even allowing the person to walk with you so you can tell them, "let's reschedule" and instead acting in such a mannner that an outside party whistles low and says "Well, well, well" doesn't instill much confidence in your leadership abilities or basic social etiquette (wow, that's a run-together sentence if I've ever seen one, eh?).

Yeah, saying, "No. No. Sorry, you can't," when someone asks if they can just walk with you - in front of others, rendering the requestor speechless, and others in the vicinity in disbelief - helps solidify my decision to leave.

Not to mention the fact that two classes were left without subs this week and no one knew a freakin' thing about it (hello?!). And a bunch of punka** 7th graders that are on my last nerve.

Yeah, homeschooling can't be all that bad now, can it?

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