Saturday, Oct. 29, 2005 || They don't have me either

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We made our offer, and it was countered with a "we have someone to teach Grammar till Christmas; all we can offer is for her to continue with Computer until Christmas."

Bah, humbug. Computer, especially elementary, is the very thing that frustrates me.

Here's what I don't get. I was gently asked to consider staying on "as is" for one because, "remember, the kids would then have three different teachers" since the real replacement can't come until after the new year.

Okay, so in considering that, Rob and I thought it might be a decent solution to offer to continue with the core type classes, the ones that I teach more than once a week (any MS and HS classes, which include Grammar, Computer Literacy, and Keyboarding). I only see each elementary class once a week, so since I hate those classes, that seemed the logical ones to drop. Would it really be a huge deal for those classes to have three different teachers? Those kids are in the lab 30-45 minutes once a week, as opposed to the other classes having 1.5-3.5 hours of face time a week.

By allowing someone else to teach Grammar, they guarantee that those students have three different teachers this year. And since I am not going to stay just for Computers, they have now also guaranteed that those students will have three separate teachers.

How does that make sense?

Gah. Why am I surprised, eh? It is no secret to me that the school administration is mucho lacking.

So, Rob sent back an email letting them know that it is the elementary classes that deflate me, that I have said as much, so why would they offer that?

The response was simply that they have no one for Computer, but they have someone to cover Grammar in the interim, hence the offer.

Yup, that's true. They have no one for Computer, because they don't have me either.

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