Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2004 || You go, girl

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Kaytlin had her first track meet today and she did great. She ran the 800 and finished 3rd out of 20 or more girls. (I am serious, it was like a pack of girls all vying for position at the start line when that gun went off.) She took over the third place slot within the first lap and held it through to the end. Her time was 2:59.

So, maybe not Olympic time yet, but way, way better than I could ever do!

She has a great "kick" at the end. It was so cool to watch. And it is even cooler to think that she is just a mere 7th grader, and she will only improve with time.

Especially when she grows into her feet.

(Yeah, she wears a woman's 8.5. Did I mention she's 12?)

Our Raiders team took the meet. I have to admit, it seemed a bit mismatched. Most of our guys were twice the size of theirs.

There a lot of talent in this group. It will be fun to watch the next 7 weeks.

And now, time for a station identification break (Translation: my house is a wreck, I haven't packed one thing yet, and we leave for FL tomorrow afternoon.)

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