Monday, Sept. 20, 2004 || The writing on the wall

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I am totally frustrated with the lower half of my body.

On Thursday, I had dropped another pound, but by this morning, I was registering .5 lb heavier than last Monday (1.5 lb increase from Thursday AM).


Yesterday before church I tried on two pairs of pants, a pair of capris, and a skirt, all of which were too tight in the thighs. All of which still fit when I was working in May.

Double argh.

I have been running, biking, and walking. I am really, really trying to watch what I eat, especially portion size. I don't really mind what the scale says, so long as my clothes fit. My current weight is very reasonable, and even on the low end of my ideal weight-for-height range.

I told Rob yesterday that I didn't think I could stop eating all together, but I sure am starting to understand how one could start purging. (And, no, I haven't done that; just writing about what is going on in my mind.)

I feel like if I could drop about 5-8 lbs, which still keeps me in a healthy range, while exercising consistently, my clothes would fit again.

Sheesh, do I ever hate this roller coaster ride that is aging, weight gain, metabolism...

In other news, Rob and I hung cabinets in the office and reorganized the room. It looks like a real office now! We are going to hang book shelves between them which will make the room totally rock. We are also planning to paint the main bathroom and hang new fixtures, and prime the dining room.

Yes, we really should prime the dining room since Rob painted "butt color" on the wall in Kilz last February.

It's still there.

Yeah, it was supposed to be a "motivational tool".

Did I mention we are hosting a small group meeting at our house next Sunday night?

So, all of that before we leave on Wednesday afternoon.


The next time you are lamenting how your dining room looks, it could be worse. I bet you don't have "butt color" painted across the wall.

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