Wednesday, Mar. 08, 2006 || Rain, anyone?

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I am bored with the Geography outline I've been writing all morning, so here ya go (tag to anyone who wants to be tagged):

1. Rain: hate it? Love it? Take it or leave it?

Depends on my mood. I do not like rainy winter days, such as any day where it is raining and the temperature is below 50. I do like a rainy spring day, and I kind of like a stormy spring or summer day too!

2. Relate a story or episode from your life involving rain...

Letís see...

There was this lovely episode.

3. How much does it usually rain where you live?

Havenít lived here long enough to know...

4. Is it raining right now where you are? Is it supposed to any time soon?

Nope. They are calling for rain tomorrow.

5. Tell us your favorite song lyric with "rain" in it (or any rainy lyric that comes to mind, if you don't have a "favorite").

"Sweet Mercies". It is a worship song that uses a "rainy" term in the chorus:

Let Your mercies fall from heaven
Sweet mercies flow from heaven
New mercies for today
Shower them down Lord as we pray

~ ~ ~

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