Thursday, Jun. 13, 2002 || With good reason

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It is with good reason that I have been AWOL as of late.


I have been quite busy actually, and I have the sore back, dry hands and feet, and slightly testy disposition to prove it.

It rained in St. Louis again early Wednesday morning. I have previously mentioned the plethora of rain we have recieved this spring. Wednesday morning it affected us deeply.


And I was going to sleep in yesterday.

That's muddy water, if you couldn't tell, up and out of the drain in our basement (seems we are the end of the line for the storm drain and so, too much water = back up into our lower level). There was even an earthworm under the couch (can you imagine that wake-up!?).

As we shopvac-ed, and moved furniture, and washed wet clothes and blankets, and tossed out sloppy, messy stuff, a verse from 1 Thessalonians popped into my head.

" everything give thanks..."


What could there possibly be to be thankful for when one is removing approximately 90 gallons of water from one's family room?

For one, it could have happened next week. We will be out of town Monday through Friday. What a mess that would have been to come home to!

Second, we have three computers in our basement, two in my office and one in the family room. The water did not touch any of them

Another: My darling hubby ran a candlelit bubble bath for me last night after 12 hours of clean-up. He even rubbed my sore tootsies and moisturized them!

Today I am sore and slightly grumpy. I have a lot to do besides trying to shampoo the carpet. But I am still trying to remember that verse... everything give thanks...

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