Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2004 || I have some gardening to do

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I was gazing at some flowers I bought last week still in the pots. They really need to be replanted. I have been watering them, and they have continued to bloom. But yesterday I noticed a downturn. A slight wilting.

I couldn't help but think how we get comfy in our own little "pots". We get nourishment - water, sun - just as any plant in the flower bed does, but what we can't see - what we may not even feel - is that our roots are becoming bound and we start to falter.

But, it seems so much safer staying in the pot! Branching out - breaking free - is a scary thing, isn't it? But, if we don't do it, we will be as my little flowers are becoming. In-grown and fading.

And the longer we stay in the pot, the deeper we will have to dig before we can be rooted in that new bed - in that new place. The potential of hitting more rocks, other roots in the way, various obstacles makes it that much tougher.

And to get out of that pot, we must be turned upside down, popped out, and our roots prepared, even broken up a bit, so that we can grab a hold of that new ground.

Are you going to stay in your pot today? Or is there some new ground it is time for you to dig into? Sink those roots deep within?

I have some gardening to do.

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