Thursday, Jun. 17, 2004 || Edgy and in a vacuum

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I am finding that I am getting all edgy again.

I suppose it is Rob's impending trip next week. He hasn't even bought the plane ticket yet, but Se@ttle is definitely on the docket; just waiting for the powers that be to send him maps of where he has to go, exactly. There have been rumors that he will be traveling throughout the whole state. Which means he may need to fly into one city and out of another. Or even between two.

The fact of the matter is, the only thing even remotely certain is that he will be leaving again.

Rob had a meeting at the church yesterday with a group of women who want to start a M0PS program and the senior pastor and his wife. He told me that after the meeting, SP told him, "I am still praying."

Rob told me later, "It's like he felt that he needed to give me an update."

I have felt much more at peace about everything, but still hate the fact that I have this lingering hope. I don't want to have any expectation of anything just to be disappointed down the road.

Expectations are a vacuum.

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