Monday, Apr. 22, 2002 || 4 year old trickery

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Yesterday after church we had Praise Band practice. Since we also had a church business meeting, I decided to have lunch for the gang. I knew it would be a late afternoon and didn't want grumpy musicians. So off to Papa John's I went, who IMHYAO has THE best carry-out/delivery pizza around.

As we were finishing up, our 4 year old motioned the sound guy over. "Hey, Pat! Smell my breath!" he said, rather giddily I might add. He had just finished his second slice, dipping the crust in garlic sauce, and sipping his orange soda.

Pat, a mere 19 and niave to the wiles of 4 year old pranksters actually went up to the kid, leaned down, and sniffed. "Smells like pizza and orange soda," he replied.

"Nope!" Parker exclaimed. "It stinks!"

He gets that from his father.

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