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Each week, Nathan's teacher sends home what is called the "Friday Folder". Inside are the papers he has completed that week, various and sundry announcements, as well as a cute little publication called the "Classroom Times". This little gem of journalistic wonder is the teacher's way of letting parents know what has been going on and what is up-and-coming in their 2nd grade world.

Now, let me also take a moment to mention that Nathan's teacher is fairly young, probably about 3 years into teaching. She has no children of her own. She is super-organized, sets strict limits, and is a major control freak. She isn't exactly what one would call nurturing...she likes the class to run her way or no way.

That said, tonight I took a few moments to peruse said folder, usually a rather mundane task. Ah, the "Classroom Times", nicely printed on ultra-pink paper. There are four brief articles, the 3rd of which catches my eye.

And I quote:

"Our Mother's Day Tea will be held May 6 at 1:00...Everyone has worked hard and they are excited to show all of you mothers just how special you are."

Beep, beep, beep...

(Those are back-up signals for those of you who are sound challenged.)

To show all of you mothers. Did ya catch that?

You know I can think of a lot of different ways to say the same thing...

"to show their mothers..."
"to show all of you moms..."

"Hey! Come ta thuh Tea! Its fuh all of you Mothuhs!"

She really likes us *grin*!

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