Friday, Apr. 19, 2002 || It is a good day!

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I am just about giddy with excitement today, and here are the two reasons why.

1. We are getting a new-to-us van today. My darling hubby is down in Springfield picking it up as we speak. We are getting it for under wholesale, too, so double-bonus! Our Aerostar is getting tired, so we are going to sell her. Yup, I'm a mini-van mama!

2. Marn mentioned me in her diary today! I gotta say that I just love Marn. Her entries always make me laugh. She is oh too witty, a gifted writer, and is read by many (there are like 338 folks who list her as a fave). I noticed that she updated this morning, and when I went to read, there it was, my name with a link to my diary. Marn, you made my day, hon!

So, if you are reading me and you haven't yet visited the luscious Marn, go and check out her lovely diary. And if you happened by here via Marn's kind link, let me know in my guestbook (yup, that's a shameless plea for guestbook lovins!).

Top of the day to you all!

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