Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2002 || Multi-tasking can be fatal

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It's official. I can be such a dork.

I have been trying earnestly to faithfully walk at least a mile on my treadmill Monday through Friday. This week I got a great start. 15 minute mile on Monday. I usually flake out on the first day of the work-week, so I was feeling mighty proud of myself.

Today I was more motivated than ever. I get kind of bored just a-walkin', so I try to have reading material on the 'mill with me. Makes the time pass faster and helps me ignore any burning joints and muscles. I was alittle behind in my Scripture reading, so I grabbed The Book, and jumped on the 'mill. Not to mention that for me, multi-tasking can be an obsession, so being able to knock off two things from my To-Do list at the same time is just way too tempting.

Let me interject here that I have this habit of carrying mucho paper and notes in the cute, angelic cover on my Bible. It has a handy-dandy pocket on each side just ripe for stashing stuff, and lots of it.

So, off I go, walkin' away. I quickly pumped it up to a brisk walk at 4 mph with a 4% incline. Things are going swimmingly. I am feeling quite full of myself with my treadmill prowess. I begin reading about Joseph reuniting with his double-dealing bros. And then it happens.

Without warning the handy dandy pocket at the front of my Bible betrays me. Papers go a-flyin'. And it is at this point that I realize why my treadmill was designed with a key that is attached to a string to which you, the treadmill user, are to attach to your waistband. The only problem is I broke the attachment, the part that was to attach to me, that is. And at the time, I niavely thought, what the hay, it won't matter. I am WAY too coordinated and in control to have to stop this thing on a dime.

So, papers fly. Land on treadmill. Diversionary tatics abound. And Ms. Coordination only manages to land one foot solidly on the right side of the treadmill (you know, they are made with these little landing areas on each side of the rotating thingy for one to leap upon when in distress). Other leg goes into lunge position on the rotating thingy. Resulting in stinging friction burn/bruise on front of ankle joint. Ms. C rises slowly and stops 'mill feeling rather sheepish and idiotic.

There is a bright side. How I didn't manage to totally land flat on my face is really beyond me. I can see the headlines now...."Local Pastor's Wife Maims Self on Run-away Treadmill".

I think mult-tasking is going to be the death of me yet.

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