Friday, Apr. 28, 2006 || Friday fitness update (2 weeks down...?? to go)

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This is basically the email I sent to two of my fitness buddies this morning:

Today is kind of a bittersweet day. I am back down to 143, which is lb less than exactly a week ago, the same as last Saturday, and 2 lbs down from Monday. I told myself that if I got down to 141 by today, Id treat myself to a bottle of wine I've been saving (takes me about 3 evenings to drink a whole one on my own), but looks like I get to wait. Ah, but it is good to practice restraint, right?

However, the good part is that I am down inch in all of the four areas that I measure! So, the exercising is doing something, and though the weight isnt coming off as fast as Id like, I am obviously losing some fat and likely gaining muscle as I increase my running/walking distance.

I am up to 2.9 miles a day, 1.65 of that running and 1.25 of that walking, five times a week (I also walked an extra 1.25 with Rob last night). I plan to increase my running to 2 miles next week and walking to 1.7.

Overall stats so far:

- 6 lbs lost
- 4 total inches trimmed
- 29.9 miles (the past two weeks; you can see how far I have gone this year at The Going Nowhere Posse)

Now, that should mean that my jeans wont be as tight, right? Well see I am going to try on my tightest ones today and see if I can actually sit and breathe at the same time.

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