Thursday, Apr. 27, 2006 || Lunch with new friends

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I was invited to lunch at a friend's today, and since Rob took all three kids to the "take your kid to work" day, I was totally unattached and able to go (woohoo).

I am not really sure why she invited me. I mean, we get along, and we are developing a friendship, so it's not like a "why would anyone like me" not-knowing-why-I-was-invited (how's that grammar?). It was sort of a play group/lunch, and all the moms that were there had preschoolers. I do not have a preschooler anymore, hallelujah, amen.

(For those of you who still have preschoolers, God bless you. Been there, done that. Loved that time in my life, but I don't miss it.)

It was a bit of flashback to my days with the MOPS group last year, only we weren't trying to plan anything today while keeping little ones from sticking their fingers in electrical outlets or bonking the baby on the head. We were just hanging out, chatting, eating (I did pretty good, I think, but chicken quesedillas wouldn't have been my choice for a low-cal lunch - though they did taste really, really yummy) - just sort of being.

Something I haven't done in a long time with other women, and it was nice.

Of course, I always come away from things like this, save time with my sisters or my best friend, feeling like I talked too much. I love to gab, and I don't do much of that during a normal day, so I think I can come on a bit too strong at times.

But I am determined not to psychoanalyze the entire day and instead remember how nice it was to talk to someone over the age of 14 before six o'clock at night.

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