Wednesday, May. 03, 2006 || School, diet, fitness, school, diet, fitness...will it ever end?

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Between trying to wrap up the school year, counting calories, and increasing my running distances (doing well with that) and times (not so well with that), that's pretty much what my life consists of right now.

A bit dull, eh?

Rob and I did finally make it to one of our homeowners' association meetings. This is a 40+ year old neighborhood, so the median age was about 30 years above ours, but the folks were very nice. Our local state senator and represenative attended - they actually attend regularly. I don't know why, exactly, but I think that is pretty cool. Makes you feel like they care.

And even if they don't, it's just good politics, isn't it?

(How's that for an oxymoron?)

Let's see...I am up to 6.5 lbs and 4.5 inches lost as of yesterday morning. I weigh and measure again on Friday. Only 7.5 lbs to go. Not sure how much more I really need to lose in inches. I guess an inch or two in the waist would be nice. And of course, a good 3-4 would rock if they somehow fell off my problem area.

Once "the jeans" fit, I will be pleased. And the capris. Need to be able to wear the cute capris.

Back to sipping my Cryst@l Lite...

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