Friday, Jul. 09, 2004 || The fierce hunter, wimpy flowers, and farting dogs

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Hmmmmm... I guess the majority of the d-land population is out partying on this fine Friday night, because I got right through.

Please don't comment as to what that means about my social life.

Hey now, give me a break - my honey is up north traipsing around the "finer" parts of the Big Apple (i.e., Qu33ns and the Br0nx).

I have neglected to talk about our goofy cat, Zorro. He thinks he is a fierce hunter. Only he hunts things like twist ties and flies, rather than animals of the rodent variety (praise God).

A few weeks ago, I noticed some of Kaytlin's beanie babies littered about the abode. A slightly puzzling phenomenon until the morning I saw the black and white furball come out of K's room with one firmly entrenched between his little jaws.

Cute, yes. And not too bad to tidy up after provided you let the little beanie's head dry off (nothing quite like cat saliva to make ya feel all warm and gooey inside).

Two days ago, Zorro broadened his hunting repertoire and bravely caught something in my room, depositing it quite satisfactorily in the living room.

I am not exactly sure why he thought my bra might be a danger to himself, or Bella, our other feline friend. Or the rest of the family for that matter. But, there it lay, thoroughly still and, I assume in his eyes, dead, in the middle of our carpeted front room.

At least we didn't have any company at the time.

In other news, I tried to strip the vinyl floor in the kitchen. Something we unfortunately did not notice when viewing this house is that the tile is dreadfully yellowed in all but an extremely bright, white square which once lay under an area rug. I bought some Armstr0ng floor stripper and went to work on a 3'x3' area to no avail.

I will give it one last college try after a purchase a nice scrub brush. If that doesn't work, I guess I should start pricing vinyl.

I also replanted some flowers in the new flower bed. We have had so much rain in the past two weeks, that the only annuals that have survived are the petunias. So, I bought four more pots of white petunias today to replace the wimpy white I-don't-remember-their-name-but-they-looked-like-impatiens flowers that died off.

I really, really, really, really, really should strip the wallpaper in the kitchen. My MIL is coming into town next week and this place is still woefully undone. And yet, due to the blessedness of PMS, I have absolutely no motivation.

Rob just called - the doodoo head is at the original N@than's Hotdogs in NYC. Bum. Yesterday he emailed me from a table on the street somewhere in the NYC vicinity while he ate NYC style pizza.


Seriously, though, I think he would rather be here.

Today, Parker was telling me about how he wants to get a dog that can help him fight criminals.

"I want to get a farting dog." (at least this is what I heard.)

"A what?" I said.

"A dog that can chase down bad guys and pin them down."

"Oh, a fighting dog?"

"Yeah, like a fighting dog."

When I told him what I thought he'd said, we both had a good chuckle and heartily agreed that a farting dog just might do the trick as well.

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