Sunday, Jul. 11, 2004 || Twisting tummies and Ground Zero

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I am on edge today, and I can't deny it.

I hurt for friends, and yet I have an anticipation for the future that is both calming and exciting.

How's that for elusive?


I will be glad for this evening to be over; perhaps my tummy will no longer be in knots.

~ ~ ~

Rob went to the Br0oklyn T@bernacle today. Man, how I have wanted to go there since reading C@rol Cymb@la's book a few years ago.

He is now driving around Manh@ttan. We were chatting on the phone till he came upon Ground Zero.

"Let me call you back," he said.

Yeah, I imagine that would be something you'd need to process without a cell phone stuck to your ear.

~ ~ ~

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