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Rob is off yet again, this time to Qu33ns, Br00klyn, and the Br0nx; he left Tuesday afternoon; he will drive back to Baltimore next Tuesday night to meet his momma at the airport, and then the two will fly here Wednesday morning.

His absence coupled with that wonderful PMSy-hormonal-just-leave-me-alone vibe I have going on, and this chick hasn't felt like updating.

And wouldn't you know that when I mustered the want-to last night, I got the you-suck-because-you-aren't-a-gold-member error.

I took it as a sign to go to bed.

~ ~ ~

I started watching my caloric intake with my diet program again. While I am not being as fastidious as before (I stuck to a 1200-1400 calorie diet then), I have been recording what I eat and how much I exercise. There is something about actually looking at that number that makes me think twice about partaking of that chocolate cake we were given on Sunday.

So far, it seems to be working. I am also back to my toning routine in the evenings. My goals are minor this time compared to two years ago. But I am realizing how insidiously bad eating habits crept back up on me over the past 8 months.

~ ~ ~

I fulfilled my civic duty and gave blood yesterday. I have one of those types that they are always asking for, and they finally caught up with me after the move. When I went on-line to look for local blood drives and found one within 10 minutes of my house, I knew I really had no excuse. It is quite simple, really. I just can't watch them put the needle in my arm. I can't even watch them prick my finger. Yeah, I don't mind you sucking away a pint of my bodily fluids, just don't let me see the needle.

I can be such a baby.

~ ~ ~

I ordered the kids new Bibles. Theirs are still packed somewhere in the garage. Plus they use a different version here than we used. And Parker didn't have one of his own.

He is so precious. He has been carrying it around everywhere with him. He gets up and tells me he has to read 5 chapters. He is so very serious about it too; it truly is endearing and sweet.

~ ~ ~

I have two new addictions. Light Caffe Vanilla Frappucinos from Starbucks and feta cheese on salads.

I have been to Starbuck's three days in a row for one of those icy treats. So, yesterday, even knowing that they won't be as good, I bought a four-pack of the store variety and blended it up with icecubes. It needs more coffee added, I think.

And feta cheese - it smells to high heaven, but it is delectable crumbled on a bed of fresh spinach with black olives, tomatoes, and fat free Italian dressing. That will be my lunch today, methinks...

~ ~ ~

And trying not to steal her thunder, for those of you who read my sis, Marlen, she had a bouncing baby boy on Tuesday. I will let her fill you in on the rest of the details upon her return to cyberspace.

~ ~ ~

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