Monday, Nov. 26, 2001 || Tales from Thanksgiving, Part II

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OK, so where were we? Ah, yes, it is now Thanksgiving day. Marlen and I prepared the meal, and if I must say so myself (but I think everyone there will also agree), it was excellent. Turkey, moist and browned to perfection, stuffing with walnuts, green bean casserole, black olives, cranberry sauce, corn, lima beans, flaky biscuits, homemade mashed potatoes, I forgetting anything? Nope, I think that about covers it! We had a toast with sparkling cider, named something we were thankful for, read a Psalm, and feasted until we could barely move!

We went to Mar's SIL's for dessert. The weird thing was that Mar had told her that I was making a chocolate raspberry cheesecake and there was one there already. Found that a bit strange, but that meant more for us later! Mar made pistachio salad too. Rick's family was very cordial, but I could tell there is some tension with Rick and his BIL and Mar and her SIL.

That night after we put the kids to bed we watched America's Sweethearts. I don't recommend this movie - it wasn't all that great. Prior to that we watched Friends, which I usually do not watch, but it was hysterical that night!

Stay tuned for the conclusion of our Thanksgiving trip coming soon to a theatre near you....well, not really, but to diaryland anyway :-)

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