Sunday, Nov. 18, 2001 || Candles, Pies, and Funny Kids

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While my littlest sister was being craft-y and productive by making candles, I chose to go the easy route and simply BUY some yesterday...Yankee brand Daffodil and Gardenia votives on clearance at our Hallmark store. The Daffodil ones are bright yellow - which will go great with my newly decorated bathroom.

I also found my first collectible in my latest passion - The Mitford Series. It is the snowman, Max, from "The Mitford Snowmen". I am trying to find the collectible buildings, but no luck yet. I know I can get some off of ebay, but I have no idea what they generally cost and don't want to get "taken."

We have a Thanksgiving service tonight at church with pies afterward...I made the raspberry chocolate cheesecake - I can't wait to try it. The batter sure did taste good :-)!

Parker said something really funny yesterday. I was walking out of Rob's office and said to Rob, "Stop whining." Parker said, "Who's whining?" I replied, "Your dad. He's a whiner."

Parker put his hands on his hips, tilted his head, wrinkled his brow, and declared, "He is not a whiner; He's a great man!" I about fell over! What a character that kid is!!

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