Friday, Nov. 16, 2001 || New Stove & Other Random Babblings

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I got my new stove today - Yippee!

It is really nice. There was a piece missing on the door; Maytag is sending Lowe's in to fix it pronto. It is just a cosmetic glich. I tried the ceran-top this morning: totally awesome! Can't wait to try the oven....oh, maybe I can; that means I will have to bake something, and THAT doesn't sound like fun - hee hee!

The kids are out of school today, so we all slept in. Of course, the stove delivery woke us up...they were SUPPOSED to call first, LOL! That's okay, though, it was time to start the day. And my plans for such ...go to the bank, pick up some books at the library, thankless chores around the house, miscellaneous stuff for church. Oh, yes, and try to update our budget some stuff, huh?!

So, I guess I can "complain" or try to find some joy in the small, mundane things of life. And that new stove kind helps too (grin)!

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