Sunday, Aug. 31, 2003 || Vacation pics, part deux

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Since I am not feeling up to a real entry, and really do want to get the 2003 vacation chronicles complete in 2003, here are some more vacation pictures for your viewing pleasure. Or not. (When will they end…?)

Rob took pictures of some of the portraits we had taken at the Picture People that first Thursday:

The parents.

A pic with Brian smiling!? Miracles never cease!

Rob’s cutie-patootie niece, Ashlyn.

Rob’s sis, Cherie (due with babe 3, Alicia (pronounced Ah-lee-see-ah) in December), and her son, Joshua.

“I don’t want to pose for no stinkin’ picture. Give me more of that snoball!”

I knew when I wrote the last vacation excerpt that I was forgetting something about Thursday night. How could I forget that my best friend, Tammy, came by to see us? (yes, my blonde is real, unlike some, but we won’t mention names here. *ahem*)

I remember that I was feeling a little miffed because when she called earlier in the week about getting together, she decided she wouldn’t come over till Thursday, and she was bringing her current boyfriend, whom I had never met, and who I have some issues with. (Hey, I have good reason to have my reservations about this guy, and she will even attest to that!) So, anyway, I was feeling a bit snubbed, and then they were so late, Rob told me, “Just face it, they aren’t coming.”

But, she didn’t let me down, the visit was nice, I behaved, and here’s a pic of the two of us (Gosh, I hate the way I look in pictures).

Moi, Tammy, and Mar.

Tammy’s son, Skyler.

Josh with Parker and Josiah. I hear he recently made cornerback…

I also have an adorable picture of Kari posing in the buff, but I wasn’t sure Momma would want it posted here! I am not sure I have ever seen a child look so happy to be naked. Perhaps she has the same initial “when I grow up, I am going to be…” aspirations that her mom did… You will have to ask Mar about that one!

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