Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2003 || Random Tuesday thoughts

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

Cats are sunshine junkies.

Give them a little piece of daylight streaming through a window and they will roll around in a drunken ecstasy, eventually falling asleep sprawled in unabashed abandon.

3-year-olds often have astute observation skills.

While back east, my mother and I went to see my grandmother at the nursing home. Janie’s littlest rug-rat, Josiah, was with us. When my mom leaned in the back seat to hook him into his car seat, he looked at her with scrutiny and said, “Grammie, you have hair in your nose.”

Laundry will not fold itself no matter how long you leave it in the dryer.

‘Nuff said on that point.

She who has the most documents, wins.

Or at a minimum, pulls ahead with victory just over the horizon. Oh, and just a thought. If you purchase a membership for me, sending me an e-mail announcing such, you really shouldn’t ask the company to later invoice me for the balance. I generally save all emails. And thus, the company now has a copy of your sweet letter meant to bring you laud and honor from moi for purchasing said gift. Isn’t there a proverb or something to the effect of “hung by the words of your mouth”? In this case, make that e-mail.

Pink urine is generally not a good thing.

Either you have been ingesting red crayons, drinking too much tropical punch Koolaid, or you have a UTI. Since I can definitely rule out the first two, off to the doctor’s I go!

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