Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2003 || Infections, Spring, and confrontation: Life goes on!

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So, I am not dying, but I definitely have an infection.

I had to take Parker with me to the doctor’s office. They graciously allowed me to go in just to give them a specimen. Since I couldn’t leave a 5-year-old in the waiting room, he had to go into the bathroom with me.

Parker is a pretty observant little guy. Just the other day he asked me why there were two 23’s on the calendar. I looked and sure enough, a typo. Two 23’s and no 24 in the month of March.

So, as I did the lovely squat and attempt to aim into a circle about 2.5 inches wide while simultaneously preventing spillage onto my hand, Parker watched me carefully.

“Why are you doing that?”

“They need to check to see what is wrong with Mommy.”

“How can you do that?” he responded with awe.

This from the same kid who still asks me why I go potty different than him (actually, he says, “Why do you go pee-pee out of your hiney?”). I gently explain to him that girls are different than boys. He just looks at me with a tilt of his head as if to say, “That’s silly!”

Yup, it’s great when you get to take your 5-year-old with you to a little pee-pee party.

So now that I have three doses of antibiotic in me, I am feeling much, much better. A bit on the tired side, but better overall.

These things are no more fun today than they were a decade ago.

So, what does it say about your life if your most interesting diary fodder is about a tract infection?

Please don’t answer that.

I am about seven miles behind on my personal weekly goal on my treadmilling. I just didn’t feel up to it yesterday. If I can just walk an extra mile or two each day, I will be back on track quickly enough. I am already ahead on the annual goal, but I find myself determined to push my limits more and more. What started out as 10 miles a week has become 18.

At least it is keeping the weight off, though I have noticed I need to kick back into some toning efforts. I found the cutest tankini when I was in MD so I gotta keep the back end in control.

Spring is definitely springing here in the Midwest. I keep waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop and another bout of icy temps to blow in before we hit April. Perhaps we actually will get a reprieve this year.

I read these verses today, and they really impacted me:

“My conscience is clear, but that isn't what matters. It is the Lord himself who will examine me and decide. So be careful not to jump to conclusions before the Lord returns as to whether or not someone is faithful. When the Lord comes, he will bring our deepest secrets to light and will reveal our private motives. And then God will give to everyone whatever praise is due.” (1 Cor. 4:4-5)

Rob had to confront a friend this week, and while I do believe it was the right thing to do, I realize that I can’t sit and stew about it anymore. It is in God’s hands. My hope is that the person takes what was said in the proper intent.

So, far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I am moving from anger and frustration to a deep sadness.

There is a season for all things. And thankfully, grief heals.

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