Friday, Oct. 25, 2002 || Heading out

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In a few hours I will be driving 3.5 hours to attend a women's retreat. Seven of us in all will be going. Reservations have been made, tickets purchased. I still have to pack; nothing like procrastination, eh?

I am looking forward to the trip and sort of anxious about it as well.

This time of the year is particularly difficult for me, for reasons I will not get into this morning. There are some other things going on within our church that makes my heart heavy this morning also.

I am trying to earnestly practice releasing my worries to God as I have been admonishing everyone in our Bible Study to do.

Nothing quite like having to take your own advice...

In other news, it turns out that Rob has an ear infection. And boy is he a big baby when it comes to administering the ear drops! I think today I will offer him some cheese with his whine.

I wish I had something witty to add, because re-reading what I have written so far reveals that this entry isn't exactly uplifting or jovial, now is it?

But, hey, with seven women staying at a hotel tonight, something crazy is bound to happen, right!?

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