Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2002 || Bad nurses, bad patients

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For some reason, I feel like I should update more often whether or not I have anything witty or profound to say.

Lucky you, eh?

I have spent the last three days playing nursemaid to my husband. I have always been told, mostly by him, that I am not a good nurse. And there is a lot of truth in that statement, since after a day or two of illness, as far as he is concerned, I am ready for him to be better and for life to move on! (I am much better with the kids, really!)

I have finally realized over the past year that it often isn't so much that I am a bad nurse. He is a horrible patient! He doesn't take his medication unless I bring it to him with liquid in hand. Sometimes I think he would rather feel bad!

He doesn't rest when he should. He was finally feeling better last night. I gave him two Nyquil gelcaps before I hit the sack and told him to take them before he went to bed. The only problem is, Nyquil gelcaps are not going to help if they remain in the same place the next morning and you never even GO to bed.


Oh, and did I mention that he stayed up piddling with the computers? Now, to his credit, he was trying a new server system and it wasn't working as he anticipated so he stayed up to get my computer back up and running.

But, HELLO? If you are sick, why are messing with the computers after midnight? You see, my darling spouse has "computer guy syndrome". If he can't get a computer to do what he wants how he thinks it should when he thinks it should, he will lose sleep, put things off, do whatever it takes to beat the dumb thing.


Oh, and my computer still wasn't running as it should when I went to use it this morning. I just didn't feel that I should awaken him after a mere hour of sleep to complain.

What I did tell him later was that if he did this again when sick, I will personally kick his butt. Considering that I now run several miles a week, I think I could pull it off.


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