Friday, Feb. 06, 2004 || Lots to think about it

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I thought the interview went well. Before I could second guess myself too much, I got a call with an offer. They have even told me that I can come in half days initially until I get childcare squared away for Parker.

Sad part is, I don't think the hourly rate will be worth the time and childcare and all that, unless I know that I will get a substantial raise at the 90-day review.

So, will be praying this weekend for mucho wisdom and what to say when I call on Monday.

No word back from the church that contacted me yesterday. Of course, Fridays are notoriously busy for pastors...

And a temp agency called today. They want me to come in on Monday to register with them. She seemed to think my range, based on my resume would be about $.50-4.00 higher than this company is offering me.

So..... lots to think about and talk to Rob about and pray about.

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