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Let's see if I can coherently explain the issues we are facing in deciding about this job (I say that because my coffee isn't ready yet).

The position is an administrative assistant at a very busy condo association management company. I would be working as part of a team of two other assistants and the portfolio manager (who, by the way, I really like). The range of responsibilities would include editting letters, composing letters, creating and/or editting newsletters, answering phones (we are talking irrate homeowners here), filing...that type of stuff. I have been told it will be face-paced, high stress at times, and I will not get bored. The hours are 8:30-5:00 with paid holidays. 6 sick days (they don't carry over each year). A half hour of the hour lunch is paid for. Insurance and 401K is available, but the insurance is pretty pricey, about double or more what we are self-paying for a major medical policy right now.

So, they have offered me $9.50 an hour with a 90 day review. I decided to do a little research and talk to a few people and I have found that a position like this is probably worth about $10-$12 an hour starting.

I am thinking about going in to the office on Monday and letting them know that I have a few other things in the works (a position at a church, registration with a temp agency, two apps in with the schools and city which start in the $11 range) and would they consider, if I waive the insurance (which they pay $180 a month toward), $11 an hour.

What do you think, all of you in the workforce? I have the experience they are looking for and they obviously want me for the position. They called me after less than 2 hours to offer the job. I don't want to short change myself.

In your experience, what is a start pay/salary for an admin. assistant? Should I go in to talk to them about this face-to-face, or can it be discussed over the phone?

We are praying about this and weighing it against Rob's job options as well. He has a position with a major company waiting in the wings for March, but the start pay is low and the training time branches out over two shifts, which keeps him from staying with his current job to supplement the income. In the long run it may be good and the benefits are awesome, but we aren't sure if we can pay the bills in the interim. The shift he would work after the 3 weeks of training would be 5:30-midnight M-Th, off Friday, and daytime on Saturday. So, we wouldn't have to worry about childcare. But, we would hardly see each other...

Decisions, decisions...

Let me know what you all think!

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