Friday, Feb. 03, 2006 || Bored on the 6th day o' the week...

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Okay, so I am bored. And hence I will thrill you with one of those kinds of entries.

(Faithful ones, please don't drop me off your buddy list for this!)

AUTHORS I LOVE - Jan Karon, Francine Rivers, John Grisham, Frank Peretti, Nicholas Sparks, Max Lucado, Beth Moore, Louisa May Alcott, and Carol Kent.

WHEN I AM NOT WORKING - I like to read, bake, snuggle with my DH while watching movies, go out to eat (especially Mexican or Japanese), visit a book bb and my online journal.

ON MY VACATIONS - We have been to many neat places over the years, mostly here in the states. We usually end up somewhere where we know someone - either family or friends, but we've learned to divide our time for "just us" as well as visiting. My favorite vacation destination is San Diego.

MY IMMEDIATE HOUSEHOLD FAMILY IS - me, hubby, 3 kiddos, 2 cats, 4 fish, and a tarantula.

MY FAVORITE OUTFIT IS - boot cut, low rise, 100% cotton So jeans, a cami, and a blazer or fitted blouse with the cami peaking out (I have several combinations that I like).

SOMETHING ONLY YOU WILL KNOW ABOUT ME - I were "sleezy" underwear almost every day. (Hey, no panty lines!)

Tag - you're ALL it!

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