Saturday, May. 15, 2004 || I must remember that

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Sometimes I feel like life is passing me by.

This working 40+ hours a week is for the birds. I don't know how so many of you do it. And several of you have families! My hat is off to you.

Me, I am counting down the weeks. 9 til I officially give notice. 11 til I leave.

Sometimes I think that if they offered me part time hours, I would take it. But, really I don't know that I want that either. I can register as a substitute teacher and work on days that I choose. Not a set schedule. But still a way to bring in some extra cash.

My review is Thursday. I have been preparing in my mind for weeks now. I just need to get the thoughts down on paper. One would think I wouldn't forget to say that I am severely underpaid compared to other staffing coordinators in our state. That when I accepted the job I agreed to an hourly wage, not salary - and since I work over 40 every week and am on call 24-7 every other week, that said "hourly wage" is not really that much. Among other things.

Not to mention I don't really have to work right now. I probably won't say that, but it is true nonetheless. What incentive do I have to put my baby in daycare to babysit over 60 adults each week?


M's entry today reminds me of all that I do have to be thankful for. Rob made a point to make Mom's Day very special, even after telling me the day before "but you're not my mom".


With his prompting, each kid lavished me with a St@rbuck's card for the dollar amount equal to the number of years I have been there mom.

Insert collective "awwwww" here.

And he bought me a bike. A silver bike. We rode about 2 miles that day, and I can't wait to have time to ride it some more.

He has been working over 60 hours a week and he even preached at a friend's church last Sunday morning, and still he found time to buy me a bike and take the kids to St@rbuck's for those cards.

I am blessed.

I must remember that.

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