Saturday, May. 15, 2004 || We just never know

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Yesterday reminded me of how quickly your life can change.

This happened less than a mile from where I grew up, where my parents still live. In the same tiny town (though it says Linth1cum, it was really in the tiny, doesn't-even-have-its-own-zip-code community I grew up in). A block or two from my uncle's home.


My parents said they heard the sirens. When dad turned on the news for the weather report they learned why.

One reporter confused the street name with my folks' street name. The only difference is the ending.

I guess I can be glad I don't live there - if I had turned on the news and heard that shmuck announce a crash on F---- Ave., I probably would have freaked.

I guess when you grow up there you just don't think of the possibilities. Even though in my head I have known that their home owner's insurance won't cover the property in the event of a plane crash because of their proximity to the 'port. The sound of jet engines are nothing but distant hums when they zoom above your house day after day after day.

You just don't think about it.

And then you see charred fuselage in a neighbor's front yard and you remember that we are only here for a short time, really. A vapor. So much too do - for my family, for God, for myself.

Abba Father, help me to live my life as a legacy of Your love! And to live each day as if it really could be my last.

I think I'll be sure to hug my kids today. And Rob. Because the point is...

We just never know, do we?

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