Thursday, Apr. 19, 2007 || Proud Parent Moment

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The Daughter - First Place for her class (9th & 10th grade). She did this project pretty much all by herself. I took pictures and had them printed. The rest - all her!

The Middle Child - Second Place for his grade (7th). He did most of the project by himself. The Daughter gave him some direction while I was baling water on Sunday, and I assisted a bit with the experiment and artistic direction on the display and tweaking his conclusion. The first place winner made perfume, so that was a tough one to top, though Rob - God love him! - announced, "Well, it is SO obvious that a parent did that for her". MC was a little disappointed that he didn't place first, but I feel (and told him I think that) he did awesome since he basically did it all on his own.

The Youngest - First Place for his grade (3rd). His teacher said it was one of the best she'd ever seen. Admittedly, I did a lot of it, BUT he chose the subject matter ("I want to do brain cells, Mom!") and he learned the information so he could explain to his class how neurons send messages (kind of complicated for a 9-year-old, if you ask me).

And so that concludes our proud parent moment for today!

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