Saturday, Jun. 24, 2006 || Why I don't usually do this...

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Okay, so I admit it. I am kind of bummed.

I decided to have a P-Chef catalog party for my sister this month. I've never done anything like this - shoot, I rarely even go to the home parties, let alone sort of host one myself.

But, I thought, what the heck. Surely I can somehow come up with $150 in orders by giving out some catalogs and emailing some folks.

I haven't even broke the $100 barrier yet.

One of Rob's coworkers told him she'd place a big order. Then she went on vacation and won't be back till the show is complete.


Sheesh - this reminds me of why I usually politely say, "In your dreams" when asked if I want to host one of these things.

(Sorry, Mar!)

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